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"M. J. Chemicals" understands the importance of monitering equipment to improve plant reliability and reducing cost of operation.  One important way to moniter equipment performance and get valuable data on equipment health is through used oil analysis (UOA). 
The reason to conduct UOA is as follows:
To see whether oil is fit for further service.  
  Determine suitable drain intervals.  
  Assist with problem solving.  
  See whether equipment is working well.  
The benefits of UOA is as follows:
Reduced maintenance cost.  
  Extended oil drain.  
  Equipment reliability.  
M. J. Chemical as a part of  Mobil  Industrial  Team has an excellent view of relationship between physical properties and end of serviceability of the  lubricant, which has come from many years of field experience, equipment inspection and used oil monitering. M. J. Chemicals along with technical expertise of Mobil Industrial team.establishes control limits for customers to use as guidance to change the lubricant. This approach is more cost effective than time based maintenance programs. Customers wanting to avail facility of  UOA can contact our technical service team for further guidance.

"The Power to Predict = Lower Cost of Operation"
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